Saturday, September 29, 2007

Self Portrait

Something i haven't done in YEARS is draw a self portrait. tonight i was feeling a little traditional, and a little bored, so voila! it was good practice :)


here are a few photos i've taken, a number of years ago, most of them when i was in high school. i was lucky enough to attend a special art high school where we got to learn (among other mediums) how to develop our own film and prints. a really neat experience! the first three were taken on an old, old, manual pentax and developed myself. the rest were taken on a disposable camera, back when digital cameras weren't as popular as they are today. thank god for digital! hope you enjoy them :) i hope to post some newer sketches soon!

Monday, September 3, 2007

goodbye summer....

so i'm going back to school tomorrow so this might be my last painting for a little while :( but i still would like to keep sketching as much as i can so i'll try to post whatever i've got for the next little while.
here's another attempt at comicbook-style-painting in photoshop. i've still got alot to learn!! i couldn't figure out how to make the line not transparent so.....i dunno. so annoying. gotta practice some more!!!
i guess she's getting ready for fall too :) ........